Madison 5 Financial specializes in estate research, account recovery, and the extensive investigative searches needed to locate and communicate with heirs and beneficiaries of unclaimed funds and property.

Most companies often overlook significant assets held by states, counties, local municipalities, state and federal court systems, licensing and permitting agencies, and others. Companies that are focusing on identifying property and claiming it back are challenged by the complexity of the process. Although all jurisdictions maintain websites to search for Unclaimed Property and Assets held on behalf of owners, not all transactions are subject to reporting. Consequently, to reclaim unreported assets, especially in cases where the jurisdiction does not require such reporting by holders of Assets and Unclaimed property, companies and individuals must subscribe to every state, local, and federal jurisdiction’s database, and hundreds of other sources to locate their property.

Madison 5 Financial will provide a multi-source solution for asset recovery, that includes identification of the property being held and by whom, preparation of the claim documentation, filing of the claims, and working with the jurisdictions to ensure the return of client assets.

The Firm will leverage a comprehensive database of millions of records of assets that are not available online or through state searches to identify and capture lost client assets.

We have settled over hundreds of thousands of complex claims by beneficiaries and heirs, helping clients protect their investors, shareowners, policy owners, beneficiaries, and customers.


The greatest value we provide our clients is the transfer of our expertise and knowledge. We believe that educating our clients builds trust and a stronger relationship.  

Our strategic advisory services improve client performance—providing solutions to address the issues and errors identified—and creating opportunities for clients to improve efficiency, become more strategic in their approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value.  


Our tax professionals help our clients plan and implement processes and technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tax operations.  We specialize in tax planning, preparation, and filing for individuals, and businesses.