Since the early 1940’s offices that retain Lost Assets throughout the country have been holding and returning assets, however these offices simply do not have the resources to properly locate rightful owners to return the nearly $58 Billion dollars in assets being held. Further, as “baby boomers” and their financial accounts increase, the amount of claims will continue to grow and further delay the return of additional funds to owners that could rightfully use the funds, or, even drive the economy as these assets are returned and that money is re-generated into the economy. A Claim Researcher with the Madison 5 Financial Lost Assets Division offers you the freedom to work remotely from home while having time for family or adventures in the world. Other benefits include no recession worries, consistent earning potential and having fun conducting genealogy and historical research. Work anywhere all you need are internet and phone.

Listed below are the positions for which we are accepting applications. Please click on the link “EMAIL YOUR RESUME'' to send your qualifications.

  • Claim Researcher
  • Private Licensed Investigator
  • Claim Analyst
  • Internship

For more information, please contact Human Resources at (317)961-1122 Extension 287 or send an email to careers@madison5financial.com